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The International Imaginative Artists Association(IIAA)

The International Imaginative Artists Association
The International Imaginative Artists Association

Organization Heads:

Gromyko Padilla Semper/ Philippines

Hector Pineda/ Mexico

Project Coordinator/ Exhibit Curator/s:

Gromyko Semper/ Philippines

John Paul Thornton/ United States of America

Organization Committee:

Reinhard Schmid/ Germany

Stefan Kindermann/ Germany

Amanda Sage/ Austria

Joe Mc Gown/ United States of America

Participating Artists (So far):

Luis Mayorka, U.S.A.
Miguel Tio, U.S.A./Dominican Republic

Sandor Badacsonyi, Hungary
Piotr Zygmunt, Poland

Barbara Wiewiorska, Poland
Wade Furlong, U.S.A.

Tassos Kouris, Greece
Danny Malbeouf, U.S.A.

Mathias Staber, Austria
Janelle McKain, U.S.A.

Otto Rapp, Canada
Ben Tolman, U.S.A.

Sheela Singla, U.S.A.
Andrzej Masiani, Poland

Ton Harring, the Netherlands
Nicholas Ivanenko, France

Nome Edonna, U.S.A.
Aleksander Rymarowicz, Poland

Germaine St-Onge, Canada
Ivan Roxas, Philippines

Alejandro Santafe, Spain
Leopoldo García, Mexico

Christine Morren, Belgium
Dan Milnor, U.S.A.

Adam Pinson, Spain
Peter Vanoostzanen, The Netherlands http;//

Cenin, Turkey

Address of the organization:
C/O Hector Pineda
Avenida Magno Centro No. 11, Piso 2 Colonia Centro Urbano, Huixquilucan, Mexico
Tel No. 525530033715

E-mail Adresses

IIAAProject C/O Hector Pineda, or
IIAAProject C/O Gromyko Semper, or,

Project Background:

A growing community of artists on, those of which have a big impact in supporting the spiritual enrichment and artistic influence of others on the website, have decided to showcase their works to the general public through an exhibition.
This group of artists have formed a collective identity known as the IIAA (or the International Imaginative Artists Association), established by several international artists who collectively shared the common ideals for a new "declaration" of the word "Art" via a revolutionary art exhibition showcasing the current state of post, post-modern art.

Historical Background:

This association birthed on DeviantArt .com after a month long exchange of proposal and ideas between Gromyko Padilla Semper, Administrator of *the-surreal-arts, and recognized visionary-surreal-expressionist artist, writer, and philosopher from the Philippines, and Hector Pineda, Co Admin of the surreal arts club, digital manipulator, art patron, and an avid supporter of the surreal/fantastic/visionary art genre.

They begun considering the options for making this vision a reality, convinced that this proposed event will be the next revolution in the art world, consequentially gaining a strong support from other influential artists on and outside of DA. Joined by John Paul Thornton, an acclaimed American artist, famed for his excellent works depicting "Missing Children". John Paul offered the duo (Gromyko and Hector) his valued advices that melded the proposal into a solid idea based on simplicity.
Other artists who are of great help to the development of this project are Reinhard Schmid, a visionary painter, co-contemporary of the like of Lukas Kandl, Brigid Marlin,etc, who shared his professional advices that benefited the conceptualism of this project. Worth noting also are Joe Mc Gown, a neo-gothic surrealist, who gave his realistic views, Stefan Kinderman, who suggested a lot of conventional and revolutionary approaches to the planning of this show, Ben Tolman, who supported the ideals of this project, and shared his passion towards a positive hope that this project should become a reality, and recently Amanda Sage, famed fantastic-visionary artist in the tradition of Ernst Fuchs, who related strong commentaries that is of great help to the amendments of this proposal.

Project Description:

This project involves artists from around the world who are determined to make it a reality. These artists stand for
• The Individual and Universal right to express
• The right of the artist to be involved and recognized in the global scene respective of the subject/object of their art contra-imperialist, capitalist politics.
• The never-ending quest of humanity towards a meaningful world, the untainted, unfettered, utopia where art is a prime mover for change towards a brighter future.
• The universal artistic fraternity, a brotherhood and sisterhood of artists united into one common goal-to redefine the vocabulary meaning of post postmodern ART.

What shall we showcase?
In this proposed exhibition, the artists shall showcase nothing but their strongest work that is of the highest quality, regardless of the age, stylistic approach, medium or experience level of the artist. The technical and subjective skills of these artists are unified with a well integrated vision that clings strongly to the theme of this exhibit. Further more, these artworks has an original, personal, unique, yet contemporary and universal appeal that either expresses the physical, mental, or spiritual levels of consciousness.

When and where will this Exhibition take place?

Proposed: Museo Soumayo, Mexico, Late 2009
LOS ANGELES, California (unknown so far)

Theme: PeriscopeBy definition: The word periscope (periskopein, to observe around): n. A periscope is an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.
To see things that is otherwise out of “common sight”. That is the reason why the term “Periscopical Art” delineates our common aims...

A periscope can see from below and beyond...yet it always brings out the best view unreachable by the unaided eye.
As periscopic artists it is out duty to be the periscopes of both the glorious artistic past(below) and the recent post decadent modern present(beyond) towards a newly defined future...we are no longer confined, we will reinterpret the meaning of art in a periscopic way!!! A new revolution... A new “definition” of Art is the very purpose of this exhibition.
Much of the art world is currently a long way from building upon Michelangelo's powerfully stylized human forms, Rembrandt's skill of characterization, Vermeer's exquisite use of light. We are far flung from the visions of Blake and the nightmarish apparitions of Bosch. Though closer in time, much of it is also a long way from the majesty and mysticism in the works of Salvador Dali, the spiritual exuberance of Rothko, the fantastic realism of Beksinski and the mythical ecstasy of Fuchs. There’s still much to discover and share through Art.
The artist is not an archaeologist, and the point is not to resurrect and imitate the past. The point is that the world they saw and a whole lot more.
The artist, like every thinking and passionate human being, has the power to decide whether to accept the assumptions of the recent past and work within them, or whether to strike out on his own, questioning those assumptions and actively seeking alternatives to them. Every artist, in his work, expresses the deepest choices he has made. That power of expression is what compels some to be artists in the best sense, and it is what attracts those who are not artists to their creations. The strategic choice of what to express and how, accordingly, is everything.
The future is now approaching faster and faster, the remarkable improvements in communication have leaded us firmly and irreversibly in to a global culture. This project is a direct result of that. The specific boundaries and limitations of individual peoples individual cultures are quickly evaporating and will soon be no more. This isn't to say there wont be as much diversity and specific cultural identities in the new global culture, there will be much more diversity. But people can now see their culture as the historical development it is and not be bounded by its structures. It’s the same way with art. We have so much artistic development from the past that we can look to and build on but we are not bounded by any specific constraints. With in this larger perspective there are specific interests we have that tie us together. What would be considered the visionary, fantastic, surrealist threads? So what is it in that conceptual framework that binds us (and that we want to present to the larger global culture) and how does that lead into the future, fleshing this Project out is the key, the solution that would hopefully bring a new vocabulary of post - postmodern art. This can be seen as a conversation we are all having through time which we can have a dialogue with the past, our contemporaries globally and with the future. What we have come to is the currency with which we operate as “creativity”. And the tools we use to communicate are visual metaphors. Culture itself can be defined as creativity of individuals adopted and developed by the group and passed through time. (Ben Tolman, Artist)
“Artistic revolutions are made by a few key individuals. At the heart of every revolution is an artist who achieves originality. A novel theme, a fresh subject, or the inventive use of composition, figure, or color marks the beginning of new era.
Yet for that artist's achievement to reach the rest of the world, others play a crucial role. Collectors, gallery owners, curators, and critics make decisions about which artists are genuinely creating - and, accordingly, about which artists are most deserving of their money, gallery space, and recommendations. Those individuals also make the revolutions. In the broader art world, a revolution depends on those who are capable of recognizing the original artist's achievement and who have the entrepreneurial courage to promote his work. “
Stephen R. C. Hicks Associate Professor of Philosophy Chairman, Department of Philosophy Director, Honors Program in Liberal Arts Rockford College


This project shall benefit the following:

society as a whole
the definition of art and culture